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The Best Glazing

The place you choose to hang your art often dictates the type of glazing (i.e. glass) you should pick! Art can suffer from not having the optimum glazing over it for its environment; the best glazing for your art can make all the difference. The wrong glass could fail to preserve your art from fading, make your art more difficult to see, and even make the artwork appear less colorful.

Art hung in bright rooms with plenty of windows often should have glazing that diminishes glare and protects against fading. Contrarily, art hung in rooms with minimal lighting would benefit most from clear glossy glazing. Low lighting can make colorful art appear less vibrant, therefore, glazing with good clarity and light transmission is best for such places.

Finally, museum-grade glazing tends to have the most versatility since it has a coating to protect against fading and a coat to minimize the glare. Premium museum glazing is often the best choice for framing things that don't have their forever place on your walls. The only setback with museum-grade glazing is that it tends to be the most pricey of all the options.

Hopefully, next time you begin to design your framing project, you will understand which glazing is best for you!


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