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Jeannette Cuevas - Cowboy Hat

Jeannette Cuevas - Cowboy Hat

14x14 Inches


Artist: Jeanette Cuevas


"I am inspired by the unexpected beauty that is revealed by light, most often the sunlight. During the dark times in my life, God always showed me there is light in every situation and everything on this earth. I found myself looking for the light on everything I painted and how it exposed its particular beauty. I discovered that the light not only shone on an object but also seemed to glow from within. That became my challenge and my desire, to not only expose the exterior beauty of a subject illuminated by the light but also to reveal the light that glows from within.

Beginning with a watercolor underpainting is what establishes the foundation of this glowing inner life. The flowing movement of watercolor beneath a surface of glittering light which is the pure pigment of pastel creates an energy that is both mesmerizing and healing. My desire is to capture and illuminate that beauty that sparkles through as a result."

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