This limited edition print (196/375) of "Lily Song A" by Greg Singley shows off his impressionist talents. It gives us a lush garden with pink, orange, and blue light playing off the foliage.

"Lily Song B" by Greg Singley

  • 24" x 32"

  • Greg Singley was born in 1950 in Greensboro, Alabama. He received his college education at the University of South Alabama. He attended the revered Ringling School of Art for his art training in Sarasota Florida and graduated with a degree in commercial illustration. In 1978 Singley moved west to Phoenix Arizona. Singley achieved his goal and found employment as an illustrator and art director with the Phoenix Public Newspapers, The Arizona Republic & Phoenix Gazette. 


    During these years Singley pursued is dream as a fine artist and painted the Native America's Indian and cowboy. "It was the works of Paul Pletca and Fritz Sholder that brought me west" Singley says. Now it was time to roll the dice. He wanted to paint and illustrate to support it. In his pursuit of illustration Singley found the Phoenix Art Group. "They asked me to be Monet" he says. With this intent from 1989 to 1997 he came into his own, as one of our country's leading floral impressionist painters. He has been represented in the finest galleries from New York to Hawaii and his works have been published in limited editions with two of the most prominent publishing companies in the country, Winn Devon (Seattle) and Collector's Editions (Los Angeles).


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