This limited editon print (4/150) of "Lowland Serentity" by Brett Varney presents a calm marshland scene that hums with life. His signature robust color palette shines through with a heavy metalic gold accent running the length of the bottom.

"Lowland Serenity" by Brett Varney

  • Size

    20" x 20"

    Total Size

    24" x 24"

  • “My inspiration is born from the works of Matisse, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Kandinsky and others. I am fascinated by the ability of intense color and texture of line to convey an emotional expression from the artist to the viewer. I create images that are recognizable to welcome the viewer into the scene. By using vivid color, freedom of line, and simplicity of shapes, I try to instill in the viewer feelings of joy and well being which are within us all, but often need coaxing. I draw with oil pastels because it makes me feel good and energized, and I want the viewer to experience that same energy energized, and I want the viewer to experience that same energy around the shapes are deliberate and necessary and intend only to define and intensify the emotion of my work. I do not work from photos as my imagery is taken from either a memory, or an impression, or creative thought. I wish my work to be viewed as how I see it in my mind’s eye, not from a lens.” - Brett Varney


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