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Summer in Venice by Jan Parker

Summer in Venice by Jan Parker

Summer in Venice




39x29 inches


Jan Parker


Artist Bio:


Jan Parker was born in 1941 in Southport Lancashire England, to an English father and a Danish mother. Jan began to draw caricatures of his family at age 4. He later graduated from Willesden School of Art, London. In the early 1960's Jan was a cartoonist for a Copenhagen newspaper in Denmark. His parents supported his creative endeavors and often took him to the nationally subsidized museums in London to encourage his artistic talent and inspire him with the works of the masters. 


Jan attended the Willesden School of Art in London and upon graduation, he made his living illustrating books, gaining international prestige and recognition. Stanley Kubrick invited him to record the production of 2001: A Space Odyssey through his paintings and drawings, and in 1975, this gifted artist was commissioned by The International Cultural Foundation to paint the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. 


In 1980, Jan moved to New York City where his fame continued to rise. He had successful shows in New York and later in Dallas and Houston, mostly displaying the landscapes he pained directly from nature. He often painted in the cold and snow and recounts when oil paint froze on his brush. After an injury to his hands in 1984, Jan was no longer able to paint in cold weather and began to explore landscapes in warmer climates. The following year he visited Hawaii, eventually moving to the island of Kauai, an “artist’s paradise” where he developed the vibrant palette that makes his work famous today. With his diverse talents and styles, Jan Parker continues to win over art collectors worldwide.


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