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"Wooded Creek" by Paul Guy Gantner

"Wooded Creek" by Paul Guy Gantner

This calm nature scene flickers with small bursts of color that give it life. This piece is on sale for a limited time! This is your best opportunity to get a Gantner on your wall for under $3000.

  • Image Size

    36" x 48"

  • About the Artist

    Gantner was born in 1948 in Seoul, South Korea. He was instantaneously attracted to color and form. Gantner is primarily a self-taught artist. His
    passion for the Impressionists and the Post-Impressionists was responsible for his move to France. This allowed him to freely study their work and to explore their universe. The majority of Gantner's paintings are set in Provence and the Midi. Trained in the Impressionist vein,Gantner has resolved the age-old Poussiniste-Rubeniste conflict by combining the strengths and qualities of line with color.

$3,600.00 Regular Price
$1,800.00Sale Price
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