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"Canto al Amor" by Bartolome Luzanquis

"Canto al Amor" by Bartolome Luzanquis

"Canto al Amor" or Song of Love by Bartolome Luzanquis is a rich celebration of color, life, and music. After first glance, this abstract reveals forms of musical instruments and butterflies in the air.

  • Image Size

    40" x 30"

  • About the Artist

    Born in Cajamarca, Peru, in 1963, Luzanquis emigrated to Piura, in the north of Peru, where he did an apprenticeship with the well-known master Augusto de los Ríos. After three years of very demanding work with De los Ríos, he moved to Lima and worked in the atelier of Jorge Arribasplata, a superb still-life painter. He then rounded his education by joining the atelier of Ladislao Plasencki for two more years. Luzanquis has participated in several exhibitions since 1990 and most of his paintings are exported to England and the United States.

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