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"Fiesta Acuatica" - Bartolome Luzanquis
  • "Fiesta Acuatica" - Bartolome Luzanquis

    Please call before ordering framed Artwork. 


    "Fiesta Acuática" or Water Festival by Bartolome Luzanquis showcases an abstract scene of blues and purples dancing with fish. 


    "Abstract expressionism has been in my roots since I can remember. My drawings as a kid were abstract in quality and mostly misunderstood by my friends, who thought I was wasting my time creating strange images. I certainly did not understand what I was doing until I joined Art School. There I found my work resonated with my professors and colleagues.  

    The likes of Pollack and DeKooning gave me a sense of inspiration that I would like to expand on. Every casual moment provides me with to motivation to proceed fearlessly without regrets, making it difficult to know when to stop. "

    • Image Size

      24" x 24"

    • About the Artist

      Born in Cajamarca, Peru, in 1963, Luzanquis emigrated to Piura, in the north of Peru, where he did an apprenticeship with the well-known master Augusto de los Ríos. After three years of very demanding work with De los Ríos, he moved to Lima and worked in the atelier of Jorge Arribasplata, a superb still-life painter. He then rounded his education by joining the atelier of Ladislao Plasencki for two more years. Luzanquis has participated in several exhibitions since 1990 and most of his paintings are exported to England and the United States.

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