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"Dance of the Opium Den" - Olivia De Beradinis

"Dance of the Opium Den" - Olivia De Beradinis

Artist: Olivia De Beradinis

Size: 21 5/8 x 27 3/8


Olivia De Berardinis has been working as an artist since the mid-70s. Since 1985 Olivia has been a contributor to Playboy Magazine, where her art pinup page often appears with captions written by Hugh Hefner.

Born in Long Beach, California, her childhood years were spent primarily on the east coast. She attended the New York School of Visual Arts ’67 -’70. Resided in, Soho, N.Y.C. from 1970 to ’74, creating Minimalist paintings.

Olivia was one of the new artists introduced in the Second Annual Contemporary Reflections 1972-73, of the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art in Ridgefield, Conn. Also presented as one of 18 new artists in the “Tenth Anniversary, the Larry Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art 1964-74” with established artists including Eva Hesse, Agnes Martin, and Frank Stella. By 1975. financial pressures forced Olivia to seek out commercial artwork. She returned to the skills she had gained as a child, painting women. She did work for periodicals and paperback publishers, advertisements, and movie posters. Olivia quickly secured regular work, starting in ’74, painting erotic fantasies for men’s magazines.

“Necessity shaped my career, I thought illustrating for sex magazines might be a fun temporary job until my “real” career started.

In the back of my mind, I believed I would go back to the fine arts. It wasn’t clear to me then, but this work became my art.” Excerpt from “Malibu Cheesecake” published in 2011 by Ozone Productions, Ltd.


Olivia’s artwork has been shown in art galleries throughout the United States and Japan, and her work is collected by fans worldwide.


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