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"El Angel de la Calibre" by Hortensia Bueno

"El Angel de la Calibre" by Hortensia Bueno

"El Angel con Corona de Flor" or The Angel with Crown of Flowers by Hortensia Bueno features a celestial figure wearing a sleeping moon crown, cradling a prickly pear heart, with a woman dancing with a humming bird across her lips like a rose.

  • Size

    13.75" x 39.25"

  • About the Artist

    Mexico City painter, Hortensia Bueno is one of our most popular artists. Her gouache on paper paintings are full of life and color.  They exhibit the sensuality of women, and love of dance in bright colored dresses. Her inspiration reflects colors of the tropical Mexican coast and jungle.  She mixes these women with mythical creatures like mermaids, angels and devils. Many times they are accompanied by dogs, cats, iguanas and crocodiles, birds and fish dancing the blues.

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