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Francis Orpen Morris LXXVIII

Francis Orpen Morris LXXVIII

Francis Orpen Morris LXXVIII 1875


Bird: Yellowhammer

1. Yellowhammers hide their nests in low bushes to prevent nest predation.

2. Males listen to the distinctive calls of their rivals.

3. Northern Flicker Adopted as the state bird of Alabama in 1927, the northern flicker (Colaptes auratus), popularly known as the “Yellowhammer,” is a species of terrestrial woodpecker.


This antique print is a depiction of the egg and nest from Francis Orpen Morris' naturalist book "A Natural History of the Nests and Eggs of British Birds". This illustration is in fair condition with only moderate wear since it was printed in the late 1800s.

  • Size

    Image Size

    5" x 8"

    Total Size

    6.75" x 10"

  • About the Artists

    F O Morris, or Francis Orpen Morris, (25 March 1810 – 10 February 1893) was an Irish clergyman, notable as a "parson-naturalist" (ornithologist and entomologist) and as the author of many children's books and books on natural history and heritage buildings. He was a pioneer of the movement to protect birds from the plume trade and was a co-founder of the Plumage League.


    During his stay at Nafferton, Morris acquired a reputation for writing popular essays on natural history and in particular on birds. His first book was an arrangement of British birds and was published in 1834. About this time he formed a close working association with Benjamin Fawcett (1808–1893), a local printer. This relationship would last nearly 50 years and have a profound effect on British ornithology. Benjamin Fawcett was arguably the most accomplished of nineteenth-century woodblock color printers.


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