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Powerful Medicine by John Nieto

Powerful Medicine by John Nieto

Dimensions: 38"x 31"

Hand Signed Limited Edition Serigraph on Paper


The bold imagery of Nieto’s dynamic style is the essence of his art through which he sought to evoke a reaction or response from the viewer. His art is a synthesis of his philosophy and his technical versatility, a powerful expression of pride and vitality. Nieto was unique among contemporary American artists. His personal philosophies were a vital element of his consummate style. Nieto stated, “I employ a subject matter that is familiar and expresses it the way I see it”. 


It is the manner in which Nieto's subjects are painted, solitary figures that are determined, proud, and imbued with a sense of monumentality that the viewer hopes to be a part of and relates to. The fortitude of individual character is backed by the plane of the American West.

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