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Oken Natural History Butterfly & Insects Prints

Oken Natural History Butterfly & Insects Prints

Size: 13x11"


Lorenz Oken (1779-1851), was a German transcendental naturalist, philosopher & physician. Born Okenfuss, the son of a farmer, he simplified his name to Oken while at medical school in Freiburg, Bavaria. From professor of Medicine at the University of Jena, he soon turned to philosophy & the natural sciences, publishing a controversial journal “Isis” for almost 30 years.


The journal was banned for a time in Jena & Oken was obliged to resign from his post as a professor. After a short & contentious sojourn as a professor of Physiology at the University of Munich he became a professor of Natural History at the newly founded University of Zürich, holding this post until his death. He was influenced by Pythagorean mysticism, becoming a self-proclaimed pantheist. In his time, this German physician, philosopher, and mystic were considered brilliant thinkers by many Americans, including the New England transcendentalists. To Oken, God exhibited himself in nature, and when God meets man he meets himself, for man is a god created by God. Each original antique print is beautiful original hand coloring.


Oken was a prolific & vocal writer, lecturer, and theorist, publishing many philosophical treatises during his life. His masterpiece and lasting legacy to the world is the 13-volume "Naturgeschichte für alle Stände" (Natural History for all Social Ranks), first published in 1831. 

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