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Part of the Circle

Part of the Circle

R. Keaney Rathbun

Edition: 8/24


10x12 inches


Artist Bio:


R. Keaney Rathbun is a printmaker and sculptor living in Portland, Oregon. His

mixed media sculptures and screenprints are autobiographical narratives.

The sculptures are constructions made mostly of wood. They are crafted from

driftwood and other wooden objects found at thrift stores and yard sales. They

are joined together with metal dowels and epoxy and then painted and with

layers of acrylic paints. The pieces are gestural and figurative. They are

deceptively simple metaphors of human experience. They are joyous and

whimsical, emotional and poignant. They represent a naive spirit embracing the

moments that make up a life.

Screenprinting ( Silkscreen printmaking or Serigraphy) is a printmaking technique

where a stencil is made on the surface of a piece of thin mesh fabric (originally

silk) stretched over a wooden frame. A thick ink is passed through the opening of

the stencil onto every piece of paper in the edition. A second stencil is then

created and the second layer of ink is printed on top of the first one. This process

is repeated until the print is completed. Mr. Rathbun's larger prints often require

fifty or sixty layers to create the exuberant images, which are his hallmark.

Mr. Rathbun's screenprint compositions set the figures of his sculptures into

more elaborate environments. He often produces suites of images that are

thematically related. His most recent print project is based on the Catholic "Book

of Hours". They are intended to portray sacred moments from his secular life.

There are 4 prints each comprised of 5 smaller images. The 20 small prints are

grouped in a small portfolio (in an edition of 3). The remainder of the editions are

available separately.

Mr. Rathbun has been creating screenprints for 30 years and sculptures for

about 20 years. His work has been included in exhibitions in China, Germany,

New Zealand, Argentina, Canada, and Brazil. He has worked in major private and

public collections and in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Brazil museums.

He has included the prestigious book "Contemporary Printmakers in the

Northwest" by Lois Allan, and "100 NW Artists" by Ashley Rooney

He says of his recent life and work: "As I get older I find myself seeking

tranquility. I am less likely to squander my energy in turmoil. I am turning inward.

I am following my loves and interests, distractions, and travels. I am comfortable

in my skin. The making of my work- the incorporation of beauty and humor into

my life's subject matter- allows me to express personal feelings that I could not

broach in words."



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