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"Rooster Range" by Peter Kitchell

"Rooster Range" by Peter Kitchell

This limited edition lithiograph print (280/300) of Peter Kitchell's abstract "Rooster Range" was made with ink reticulation, giving it the intricate texture and color bleed patterning that makes it so spectacular in person. Peter Kitchell no longer focuses on painting, making this piece all the more valuable.

  • Size

    45" x 27"

  • About the Artist

    “Colour is like music. One colour is meaningless by itself, it takes its meaning from its relationship to other colours, from the rhythm of its structure.” - Peter Kitchell.


    Peter Kitchell was born to architect parents in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After a spell in Exeter, New Hampshire, the family moved to San Francisco and Kitchell at the age of five started attending art classes at the Museum of Modern Art and the De Young Museum. During the 1960s he studied under Rolf Penn who had studied at the Bauhaus school under Kandinsky and Klee. Kitchell embarked on a world tour in the early Seventies, painting or drawing his way through Europe, Africa, the Carribean and the United States.


    The different shades and tones of light he experienced on his travels provided great inspiration for the artist. His broad watercolours such as ‘Antelope Dust’ and ‘Memory of Life’ depict the natural world in an abstract style.

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