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Shuntei Miyagawa

Shuntei Miyagawa

Old Wood Block Print Original

Artist: Shuntei Miyagawa (Middle of Meiji 1873-1914)

Size: 19" x 13"



Born in 1873 in Aichi prefecture, Shuntei Miyagawa was a painter and woodblock printmaker who specialized in creating charming genre images of children and women. He studied under Tomioka Eisen, a prominent designer of kuchi-e and other typical Meiji prints. Miyagawa's prints depict the lifestyles of upper-class families during the Meiji period, offering a glimpse into a world that was not typical for the average Japanese citizen. Although he was belittled by Japanese art critics during his lifetime, his prints serve as valuable documents of this period of Japan's history. Unlike some other artists of his time, Miyagawa's prints are not characterized by dramatic themes or action-packed scenes. Instead, they offer insights into the daily lives of well-to-do families. The Meiji period, which lasted from 1868 until 1912, was a time of significant change for Japan. Under the enlightened rule of the young prince Mutsuhito, Japan underwent a remarkable transformation from a medieval society to a leading economic and military power in Asia.

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