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Spirit Leaf 5 by Karen Hoepting

Spirit Leaf 5 by Karen Hoepting


Edition: 6/200


Artist Bio:

Karen obtained her Honors Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Waterloo in 1997. Her studio work at the time was divided between drawing mediums on paper and acrylics or oils on canvas. Today, she combines her media together working on both canvas and paper creating brilliant, whimsical abstract images that make reference to the animal she loves. The work of the German Expressionists and the Symbolists has always intrigued Karen. She has felt emotionally drawn to the vivid and powerful imagery of Kathie Kollwitz, Egon Shiele, and Gustav Klimt. Like some of these artists, Karen speaks to the viewer through symbols and stylistic motifs. Animals have been recurring subjects in Karen’s work for several years. She grew up on a livestock farm and formed a strong attachment to animals. Today, Karen has two dogs and two cats, and is an Ontario Humane Society Volunteer: Animals are definitely a passion for me. I feel compassion for all forms of life. Naturally, my feeling about animals has transferred into my art. Her art explores animals’ spiritual and natural qualities and how these co-exist with industrial society. Through her primitive yet sophisticated style, she combines abstract elements together to create happy and lighthearted works.


EXHIBITIONS AND AWARDS 2000 Envers Chapin Gallery, Toronto Praxis Gallery, Group Show, Toronto 1999 Tourism Toronto Exhibition, Queen’s Quay, Toronto 1997-2000 Annual Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto Awarded in 1997 an Honorable Mention, Student Painting Awarded in 1998 Loomis and Tooles Award, Best Mixed Media

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