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Tweet by Eileen Sorg

Tweet by Eileen Sorg


12" x 15"



Eileen Sorg


Artist Bio:


Award-winning artist, author, and signature member of the Colored Pencil Society of America, International Guild of Realism, Society of Animal Artists, and Women Painters of Washington.

Her work has been featured in The Artist’s Magazine and American Artist, and her first book, Colored Pencil Made Easy (published by Walter Foster), was released in 2009. Eileen lives near the Hood Canal in Washington, USA.

As with most Northwesterners, Eileen has a keen interest in and respect for the natural landscape and its wild inhabitants. With her degree in Wildlife Science from the University of Washington and subsequent time spent studying birds and mammals as a biologist for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, she has returned to art with a bit of the scientist still in tow.

“With my current work, I am seeking to capture the playful, sometimes mischievous side of my subjects, catching them in the act of behaving unexpectedly.”

Eileen enjoys exploring her subjects and seeking out the minutest details to express in her work. Her drawings have been likened to “photographs” but she quickly points out that her pieces are less about detail and more about the subject’s essence and vitality.

Copyright to all intellectual property, images, and text, within this document belong to Eileen Sorg and may not be reproduced or used for any commercial purposes whatsoever without the written permission of Eileen Sorg.



“I have chosen realism as how to express my interpretations of the world around me. Realism is not duplication; it is a process that involves intense study and understanding of a subject, a strong sense of value and color, and the mastery of a given medium. Within this realism, I experiment with color by making choices that might not be expected for use in rendering certain subjects. Eileen’s primary medium is 3 currently colored pencils, with ink and watercolor underpaintings for added depth.

She has developed her technique, modeled after her friend and mentor Sueellen Ross, which enables her to replicate the image she has in her head onto the paper. The pencil is essential for breathing life into her subjects and creating softness. In this way, I keep things fresh and interesting both for the viewer and myself.


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