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"White Rose Arbor" by Greg Singley

"White Rose Arbor" by Greg Singley

Greg Singley



Greg Singley was born in 1950 in Greensboro, Alabama.  He received his Associate's Degree at Walker Collage Jasper Alabama and furthered his college education at the University of South Alabama, Mobile Alabama.  He attended the revered Ringling School of Art for his art training in Sarasota Florida and graduated with honors with a certificate in commercial illustration.


After a foray into freelance illustration, Singley sought representation for his varied abilities and interest in fine art and found the Phoenix Art Group (formerly John Cline Gallery).  It was here, from 1989 to 1997, that Singley came into his own, as one of our country’s leading floral impressionist painters.  When asked about this transition he answers,” I was prepared and able to adapt my experiences as an illustrator to achieve the challenge to become an Impressionist painter. Since then he has been represented in the finest galleries from New York to Hawaii. They include:

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