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"Wolf Medicine (Silkscreen)" by John Nieto

"Wolf Medicine (Silkscreen)" by John Nieto

This limited edition print (132/195) of Wolf Medicine (Silkscreen) by John Nieto provides a unique energy with his signature saturated colors and wild accents.


  • Size

    Image Size

    24" x 18"

    Total Size

    28" x 22"

  • About the Artist

    "I paint native American themes so I can step back in time and shine some light on those people - that culture. Through my artwork, I hope to show their humanity and their dignity." -Nieto


    John Nieto was one of America’s most dynamic contemporary artists, concentrating on themes that transcended mere representation. He utilized intense primary colors, applied in bold strokes to give dimension and character to the canvas. In his etchings and drawings, Nieto employed classic linear techniques to create images of great detail and depth. In all of Nieto’s art, sensitivity and respect for his subject are projected. He concentrated on capturing in his work his unique vision of the subjects he painted on canvases of vibrant, electric hues. The bold imagery of Nieto’s dynamic style is the essence of his art through which he sought to evoke a reaction or response from the viewer. His art is a synthesis of his philosophy and his technical versatility, a powerful expression of pride and vitality. Nieto was unique among contemporary American artists. His personal philosophies were a vital element of his consummate style. Nieto stated, “I employ a subject matter that is familiar and express it the way I see it”.

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