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"Unbelievable Story" by Ziti
  • "Unbelievable Story" by Ziti

    Ziti was born in 1979. Throughout his childhood, he was mentored by his father, himself

    a respected teacher in the traditional art of calligraphy, and from whom he learned the

    fundamentals of brushwork. He always knew that painting was his passion and was

    enrolled in Quanzhou Crown Arts School for his secondary education. He furthered his

    studies at the Xiamen University of Arts, mastering the many techniques of oil paintings

    from 1997 to 2001. He is a member of the Chinese National Artist Association and the

    Xiamen National Artist Association and is skilled in abstract, impression, and landscape

    oil painting.


    In his latest series, he chose to focus on the beauty of the natural world, often on forests

    and the human body, through a clear and linear style. The series frequently features a red

    cardinal which is a sign of good fortune for the Chinese and symbolizes oneness between

    the viewer’s inner atmosphere and the larger world around them.

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