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Traveling Canvas Rolled Art

✨ Attention, Traveling Art Enthusiasts! 🛫

Are you returning with rolled canvas artwork?

Stretched canvas, also known as wrapped prints, is loose canvas stretched over a wooden frame. The craftsperson wraps the canvas around the frame, secures it by stapling the material to the wooden bars, and prepares the piece for hanging!

We can help with that! Let us elevate your art display game with this simple transformation! Plus, we love hearing about your travel stories!

The Power of Stretched Canvas:

In the world of art and travel, the journey doesn't always end when you return home with rolled canvas prints. Those treasured pieces of art hold the potential to become something even more spectacular - wall decor!

What exactly are stretched canvas and gallery-wrapped canvas, and why should you consider them for your loose artwork prints? Let's delve into the transformative power of these techniques.

1. Stretched canvas involves mounting your loose artwork prints onto a wooden frame, ensuring a polished and professional look. This method not only enhances the display of your artwork but also

provides durability, making your piece last for years to come. The canvas is stretched taut, eliminating wrinkles and creating a clean, gallery-worthy appearance. The sides will not continue with the painting such as below, so it is your choice to decide if you would like to add a custom picture frame to hide the sides.

2. On the other hand, gallery-wrapped canvas stretching involves wrapping the canvas around the sides of a wooden frame, giving your artwork a seamless and continuous look. This technique adds depth to your piece and eliminates the need for a frame, offering a modern and sleek finish. You can hang the piece while viewing the artwork in a 3-dimensional way because the painting continues on the sides.

Tip: A way to enhance the artwork would be by choosing a Float Picture Frame. A floating frame creates a “floating” effect on the art that's inside. That is, the canvas appears suspended within the frame without touching any of the sides, adding a dimensional effect with visual impact.

By opting for stretched or gallery-wrapped canvas, you elevate your artwork's presentation to a whole new level. Your once-rolled canvas prints are transformed into stunning wall art that commands attention and admiration.

So, next time you return from your travels with rolled canvas prints, consider the possibilities of stretched canvas or gallery-wrapped canvas. Embrace the opportunity to showcase your artwork in the best possible light, ensuring that it captivates viewers and stands the test of time. At Kurt Youngblood Framing and Art, we understand the importance of preserving and enhancing your artwork. Trust us to provide expert craftsmanship and attention to detail as we transform your loose prints into captivating pieces of art. Elevate your artwork with stretched canvas and gallery-wrapped canvas - because your art deserves nothing but the best. Let's elevate your art together!

Kurt Youngblood Framing & Art

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