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Updated: May 4, 2022

Online design has blossomed for many picture framers during the Corona Virus pandemic. I had a conversation with our marketing strategist last week and let him know that the branding for our entry into the online design market must emphasize our 30 years of design experience. There are numerous companies that offer framing online, but many of them seem to produce a framed product that lacks inspiration.

What separates an average design project from a great one are the details; the more information clients share with their designer the better. Kurt Youngblood Online Frame Design is focused on asking the same questions that our in-person consultants would ask. We ask a lot of questions to eliminate the risk of wasting money on projects that don't meet our clients' expectations.

The bottom line is that the best design for your money comes from experienced professionals. There are many companies to choose from but remember that cost and value are not the same thing; so avoid wasting money on cookie cutter framing.

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